Topical Discussion: Uganda’s Independence: How I Saw It

Thank you very much for attending the launch of Hon Rhoda Kalema’s autobiography on the 1st October 2021

More from Rhoda Kalema

In the attached 2018 interview, she gives great insights on how Uganda gained independence from the British in 1962.

Rhoda also reveals that women were not chosen to attend the meetings leading up to Independence including those in the UK and Uganda, notably the final conference before Independence, held in London in June 1962.

As a member of the Uganda Council of Women subcommittee on the status of women, their request for women to attend these meetings was not granted. However together with a few women on the Legislative Council who included Hon Joyce Mpanga, they successfully advocated for women in Uganda to be able to vote! immediately after Independence. The struggle for women’s emancipation that began then has yielded fruits 59 years later.

Learn more about this in “My Life is But a Weaving”

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